Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Expendables 2

My new years day. I ate french toast and watched Expendables 2. The best way to start the new years. I really wish I was in that movie. I would soo be someones wife by the end. LOL. I just love action movies and starring in one would be great if I could actually run. Maybe they can hire a stunt double. Ok I am in bed now with the mac and its time to watch GH cuz its my day off and in a couple hours I gotta make lunch and check my dads blood sugar. Oh yea just cuz I watched tv doesnt mean I get out of takin care of dear ol dad. But just like normal people I get tired. I just finished a zpak for a cough thats been going on a week before Christmas. And the cough isnt gone. Being a caregiver has a lot of down days. But when you get old. dont you want someone to take care of you.... Its been a long road and I am glad I am here and somewhat healthy. Ok GH time. Thats General Hospital the soap opera if you all didnt know.
I havent been here since 2012 OMG where you been bitch. Well feeling sorry for myself. Failing again being in career mode and getting chubbied up. Well just in the belly area. Its pretty much where it goes ladies and gentleman.I also inhereted a sick family member. I take care of my father now. He has vascular dementia and its no joke the other ailments he has but I am making due. He almost died this year and I never gave up. I dont get help taking care of him other than my son. I think people dont know what I go thru but nevertheless dont care and yes pretend to care when they call every 3 to 4 months. I hope they run across this blog and eat shit. I was also sick too but I will dive into that later. Well now its 2014. I said on facebook my resolutions here they are:

1. Go cheap! That means shop ordering food and being lazy. I have already been putting all my fav shopping companies that email me into spam so I no longer have triggers. I have started in Dec 2013 and it has saved me a ton.

2. Career mode. I once again signed up for another semester despite me working 4 jobs taking care of my dad and homeschooling my son. I think this is my chance to get a great job and only 1 job. Be able to be a good provider and establish my life finally. Im just too old to be a hippy.

3.  Master my sewing skills. There was a black friday sale for the sewing studio in town and I think I just need something to call my own hobby time.

Those are my NY resolutions. Nothing stupid like lose weight or anything. I have set in mind to just remain healthy. I also have a small plan to hopefully get my ultimate goal in life to live overseas. I was born in Germany and lived there and miss it soo much. I dream all the time my connections and spirit  there. I will miss my friends but I think I need a new start. of course reasonings to come later. I hope I dont leave you all hanging.. sorry. this bitch was busy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lemon juice challenge part II

So I lost 8 lbs!!!! Beat that ho!!
I began the insanity workout and hurt myself. LOL Then I started doing my own workout and taking it easy. I have been eating smaller meals and lemon juice in the AM. I take a whole lemon and mix with warm water and I was putting 1 tablespoon of REAL maple syrup and then I stopped using maple syrup and used the no calorie sweetner. I went to the Christmas tree shop and got like 19 boxes of different teas and incorporated plain water in my diet. I am happy with the results. I guess as they say the toxins has been released from my body. I also try to drink the lemon water with a straw to lessen the eating of my tooth enamel.  I will keep that up and hopefully the lbs will shed off. I dont have a scale and usually weigh myself at work. So it should be a surprise after the holidays how I look and feel. Well I just did like 3 posts in the last 1/2 hour I am going to make a small lunch and have a large glass of water with it to fill me up. :) For those of you out there. You can lose weight eating the same stuff. Just eat less. I have a little pot belly but I suspect from the long distance driving I do. Hopefully if I move closer to work I will have less of a belly and more weight to shed. :) Now I can leave on that note.

that dumb roku purchase

Well here I am the dumb shopper. I hate the roku and over spent BUT I have an idea. I gave up one of my cable boxes to trial the roku. I was assured by stupid youtube vids that it was the thing to buy. Well no sir no sir no sir it isnt. Ok so the good of the roku.

Say you want to watch boring stuff here it is:
I am sorta joking. I have a thing. I dont like repeats old shows or much old movies. I just have no interests. It just annoys me. When people ask me about a movie I have already seen I can say I seen it but I dont recall it line by line cause I dont re watch it 5 million times to remember it. I can say that I love watching Rambo over and over. I am an action nut. But anyways I plan to resell my roku box back on amazon. I am an etailer on there and if I just sell it back I get a credit and use it to purchase food, hair products, or household products. Its just that easy. Now a days there is a thing called a smart tv LOL Well the smart tv is the ROKU within the tv and it has wifi and no need to worry about hooking up stuff. I have 3 old tvs and none of them can hook a blu-ray to it. You may say why do I need a blu-ray tv. I have a wonderful library membership and they have NEW blu-ray releases and saves me from buying or renting movies. (I dont really do that already. But I do however like new movies). So Thats one gripe. But I am all over the place. The roku has ALOT of channels but most are trials so after a week or a month you gotta pay. Then the free ones are litterally movies or shows so old I dont even want to bother with. I need some stimulation. I am not an outside person and I just like to be entertained. But maybe I will get more done not watching tv LOL. So I am a little sad that my buy was not what I expected. So my smart tv (waaaaay in the future) will be a "smart" buy. All purchases are to be calculated and researched a little better. LOL.

you tube

Just sitting here going thru ALOT of youtube videos. Just lookin at all the junk people buy and show for me to be wanting. But this fiscal cliff is not going to let me do the deed of splurging. I was cleaning and I know it sounds stupid but I really want a floor steamer and hoover is selling one that is a twin chamber one that steams with water in one tank and the other tank it has the disinfecting cleaner. I dont have a mop so I tend to hand wash (not great on the back) or I use a swiffer with a wet cloth. I am cheap so I use old washcloth rags to do it with piping hot water. Its a bit tedious and ends up not really cleaning at all. Sooo I dont know how I came up with the idea but of course came into mind and I put in my wish list the Hoover steam mop and I cant wait to buy. Its $97 on sale on amazon and originally $169. Its on sale at Walmart for $139. So is my best buy and I have prime so free shipping in 2 days. But I will not purchase now as I must only do purchases for important things such as rent,food gas etc...... i will post in my next blog about my dumb roku purchase.

just a blah day

Yesterday and today I finally cleared out the living and dining area. I am making things comfortable until I start school in January. My GPA isnt that great and its all my fault. I have been depressed about it. I got a B, B+ and a D..... The D I cannot grasp. I aced both midterm (86%) and final(90%) and for some reason just cause I missed a couple assignments it tanked my grade. I really honestly hate my teacher and wished she would be fired on the basis of being an idiot. But I have the credit from that class and I am not looking back and will go on to bring my GPA up. Its a burning feeling because I never have gotten such a crappy grade. I feel embarrassed and am at a low state. But my plans coming up in January is to apply for MANY MANY scholarships (I am not sure If I will get any since my GPA got screwed). And do the yearly FAFSA. My apartment is looking more and more organized but I have alot more to clean. I have to clean the kitchen and then on to the bathroom and bedrooms. School starts Jan 22. I love school despite my grade. I have always wanted to go to University and make a difference. I just love the thought of higher education and going to a school that makes a difference in your future. I knew the class with the D would be a lame one but I tell you the other classes really made me feel a desire. Like as if they cared. I was getting lazy and both professors sent me messages to stay in the game. I truly appreciated that and I kicked butt. I actually got in one class a 100% on my paper. Beat that ho!! LOL Ok feeling more empowered right now. I picked some hard classes next semester. I dont know why but I just wanted a challenge.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

exercise update Insanity

Well I tried the Insanity for 3 days. I even got my son and my friend who lives in another state to be my workout buddies. Not a good thing happened. I got hurt. And pretty bad. Well to be honest the first day I was working out then halfway I had to pee and I took my shoes off. I dont know how or why I did it but when I continued my workout I came down a bit hard on my feet and hurt my left shin. Then I proceeded to workout on it and I dont know if I may have gave myself a stress fracture or pulled a muscle. But I retired the cd ( someone let me borrow). And now I have started again exercising but with resources that I owned already. On my roku box there is a a myriad of exercise channels. So I do that. Then I have dvds that I alternate from. My new choices are the Lindsay Brin and then I watch youtube videos with Penny Phang. So this morning I did ab exercises for 30 minutes and a crazy cardio exercise for 10 minutes on youtube. I had an ultimate workout today. I really want to feel the pain but not the insanity pain. I drank my lemon water with a teaspoon of maple syrup. I have been drinking with a straw to reduce acid erosion on my pretty teeth. Then I had tea (from my Christmas tree shop haul last nite) and then eggs. I am having a protein shake at lunch. I have an awesome cup I bought from amazon. It is a plastic cup (of course BPA free) and It has a wire wisk ball inside to mix my protein powder. So so so so so much easier then haulin out the blender. Just shake and drink. I am using the Designer Whey protein powder from Aria and I like it. A little chalky aftertaste but its NOT chunky. I really think I am going to get healthier. Plus I purchased a groupon thingy which I will discuss once I do. Ok off to clean this dump.